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4 Tips for Writing a Story with an Engaging Mystery

If you have picked up the pen to write your next best-selling mystery novel, but are still wondering how it makes it a puzzling mystery thriller? Then you have come to the right place. 

When you start writing a mystery novel, as a writer, you need to focus on making it engaging and suspenseful for the readers. By using it as a powerful tool, you can keep the readers hooked with your storytelling, until the very last page. 

And that’s the main reason why many ghost book writers are now adding a layer of mystery in every novel, as a unique allure, to keep the readers captivated into the world of suspense and enhance their puzzle-solving skills. 

So, if you as a writer want to learn more about how to write a crime, psychological novel, or even any suspenseful story, carefully look into the tips and tricks of mastering the art of crafting a compelling mystery narrative for your story. 

Explore The Basic Tips and Tricks for Writing A Story With the Magic Of Mystery 

1: Setting the Stage: Creating an Intriguing Setting

Just like writing any storytelling, if you are initiating a mystery novel, start with establishing the mood and setting up the atmosphere of the story. When it comes to creating captivating mystery, it is not all about the plot, it is more about how the story unfolds the twists and turns throughout the journey. 

Moreover, why not start by creating a unique and memorable imaginative world? But ensure that whatever world you imprint, it should reflect and help the readers to connect with it. With the more vivid the details, the more the story comes alive and leaves the readers to explore every nook and cranny. 

2: Crafting Compelling Characters: The Key Players in Your Mystery

What’s the point of a story if there are no interesting characters added to it? I guess nobody is fond of reading that. So, make sure to create strong and relatable characters in your book, with a great story. Whether it’s your protagonist or other supporting characters, give them a detailed but mysterious background. 

In your protagonists, add some flaws, with their past secrets, it will engage your readers with the suspense of what happened in the past. On the other hand, when it comes to other characters, create them in an intriguing way. Each character of any story has a purpose and a story, to add hints of mystery about them.  

3: Plotting the Puzzle: Building a Gripping Mystery Narrative

How can a mystery novel be complete, without the perfect balance of a well-structured plot with your story? No, right?  That is why creating an outline structure for your story is one of the most crucial steps. With a solid structure, you can also consider adding twists and red herrings in your story, that will keep the readers guessing, what will happen next. 

A well-executed plot twist can make a good mystery great. And just keep that in mind that every mystery must have a central conflict in it. It helps the story to move forward. Moreover, add obstacles and challenges in your protagonist’s life. By keeping readers invested in the outcome, you’ll ensure they stay engaged until the very end.

4: Unveiling Clues: Strategic Placement and Discovery

As the story moves forward, keep on adding hints and clues, to maintain the suspense of the reader. But writing a gripping mystery requires the skillful introduction of clues that drive the story forward. It’s important to introduce clues naturally and organically, seamlessly weaving them into the narrative. 

Furthermore, avoid dumping information all at once or making it too obvious. Instead, strategically place clues throughout the story, embedding them in dialogue, actions, or even subtle details that attentive readers can pick up on.


To sum up, if you want to write a mystery novel, it needs that magical power to captivate the reader and their imaginative minds. Thus, by focusing on these tips, you can keep them invested in your novel by crafting captivating mysteries that will keep readers hooked from beginning to end. 

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